Frantz Saumons 'La Cave Se Ribiffe' 2020
Frantz Saumon

Frantz Saumons 'La Cave Se Ribiffe' 2020

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"A beautiful rosy hue in the glass, the wine is peppery, fruity, and herbal on the nose with notes of raspberry seed, white pepper, and ripe strawberry. On the palate, the wine is clean and balanced with perhaps just a touch of sweetness to balance its ravishing acidity, and delicate, frothy bubbles." - Le Caveau 

This has been a long standing classic at Franks. Year on year it always delivers. Clean cut and fresh and everything you want from a sparkling rosé. Not to mention it comes in at a delicate 11% which you can feel in its lightness.

  • Organic
  • VDF, France
  • Grolleau
  • 11%