Benoit Marguet 'Shaman 18' Grand Cru
Benoit Marguet

Benoit Marguet 'Shaman 18' Grand Cru

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We are very happy to now be stocking a small selection of Grower Champagnes.

If this term is new you you, basically Grower Champagnes made by the grape growers themselves, rather than the big houses like Moët or Bollinger which may use a selection of their own grapes but also rely on growers all over the Champagne to produce a consistent 'house style'. Grower Champagne tends to be much more 'terroir' driven, reflecting the land on which the grapes were grown and the personal style of the winemaker.

Amazingly complex yet elegant. Tart apple, apricot and some nuttier notes combined with  yeasty, bready aromatics. The finish is long with a hint of smoke and spice. Crisp acidity that is well balanced. Merguets champagnes are generally make without dosage, which both adds to the complexity and dryness. This method often produces Champagnes that pair great with food, much is the case with Shaman 18.

Benoit Marguet is a firm believer in organic cultivation and since 2006 has been working with Hervé Jestin, the former cellar master of Duval-Leroy, who has taught him much about biodynamic viticulture. 

  • Organic, Biodynamic
  • Champagne, France
  • Pinot Noir (75%), Chardonnay (25%)
  • 12.5%