Sébastien Riffault 'Akmèniné' Sancerre 2017
Sébastien Riffault

Sébastien Riffault 'Akmèniné' Sancerre 2017

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This wine is probably one of the most unique Sancerre’s being produced today. The grapes are harvested late in the season resulting in grapes that have been affected by Noble Rot (Botrytis), a traditional but distant practice in Sancerre. As a result of botrytis taking place the wine takes on a sensous, rich texture. Sébastien and his father Etienne run their vineyard biodynamically and believe that will be the future of wine making. They plough by horse and never use chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. 30% of the grapes picked have botryris and the wine is fermented in old oak barrels exclusively with native yeast. Malolactic fermentation is also allowed to take place which gives the wine a creamy, buttery mouth feel which is unheard of in modern Sancerre. The wine is aged in barrels for two years then bottled without fining, filtration or sulphur dioxide. This is definitely a wine for someone who loves their big bodied creamy white wines.

  • Organic, Biodynamic 
  • Sancerre, France
  • 100% Sauvignon Blanc
  • 13%