Ramon Jané 'Cap de Pardals' Brut 2019
Ramon Jané

Ramon Jané 'Cap de Pardals' Brut 2019

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Viticultor Ramon Jané is a project started in 2019 by Ramon in an attempt to experiment and push the boundaries and traditions of Penedés. His wines under this label are farmed organically, follow biodynamic farming practises and there are no sulphites added to the wines.

'Cap de Pardals' is a 100% Mando (a native variety) and made using the Method Ancestral, meaning the carbonation comes from a secondary fermentation, which gives the wine silky, frothy bubbles. The first thing that came to us when trying this wine was strawberries and cream or rhubarb and custard, texture playing with bright acidity to make a well balanced yet fun and exciting wine. Dig deeper and find some hints of watermelon. Lovely floral aromatics of lavender. Perfect for a picnic.

  • Organic, Biodynamic, Vegan
  • Penedés, Spain
  • Mando
  • 12.5%