João Pato aka Duckman 'Nerd Duck' 2020
João Pato (aka Duckman)

João Pato aka Duckman 'Nerd Duck' 2020

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The Duckman character is an homage to João Pato, winemaker Mariana Patos grandfather. João Pato is the man behind the Pato winemaking history and his son (Mariana Pato's father, Luis Pato) is also a notable winemaker in the region.

Aside from a somewhat confusing family history, what Mariana brings with the Duckman wines is innovation and experimentation which sits on a foundation of experience set by her father and grandfather (there's also Filipa Pato, Marianas older sister). It's a family affair.

Nerd duck is a deceiving wine in appearance. Although primarily made of white grapes (96% as stated by the back label). The wine sees time macerated on very dark baga skins, giving it its colour and making you ask yourself, what exactly is this? A red? A rosé? Both? Neither?

Despite its mostly white grape content, the Baga certainly plans a dominant role here with strawberry, pomegranate and subtle spice. Trick of the mind or clever winemaking? You decide.

As with most Baga wines we have some across, this is certainly chill-able if the day calls for it. 

  • Certified Sustainable
  • Bairrada, Portugal
  • Fernão Pires (96%), Baga (4%)

  • 10.5%