Jason Ligas X Vin Des Potes 'Greek Connection' 2019
Vin Des Potes

Jason Ligas X Vin Des Potes 'Greek Connection' 2019

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Le Vin Des Potes is a collaboration project by two sommeliers, Basile and Yoan. Using Vin de Potes as their trademark, they work with winemakers to blend their own wines and explore the potential of each vineyard. The project now features 11 winemakers who all work off the same philosophy of respect for nature and natural vinification. 

Each cuvèe you can expect these 4 things as a constant: 1 winemaker, 1 terroir, Basile and Yoan. 

'Greek Connection Classic' comes from the Greek Island of Samos and is known for its volcanic soils. Made from It’s made from 100% free run juice, fermented in concrete and then spends the next a couple of months between concrete, stainless steel and oak before bottling.

Stonefruit, apricot and orange oils on the palette all backed up by a fresh maritime minerality. Some lighter notes of herbs give it a savoury edge. There is definitely some sherry like qualities to begin but as the wine opens up the fruit comes through.

  • Organic
  • Samos, Greece
  • Small grain Muscat (90%), Assyrtiko (10%)
  • 12.5%