Frankie Takes it Easy
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Frankie Takes it Easy

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Lets be honest, considering the year that has just passed, dry January is out the window. However you might want to take things a bit easier, so we put together a case of some of our favourite lower ABV % wines so you can sip away without feeling guilty.

All 3 of these wines clock in at under 12%, and we even threw a little half bottle (375ml can) in there too for the days you don't feel like opening a full bottle.

With this selection we wanted to keep it light, fruity and easy going with a mix of red, sparkling and rose. Start off the year the right way.


Casa Belfi Frizzante Bianco (10.5%)

Broc Cellars Love Rosé 2018 (375ml can) (11.5%)

Terre di Pietra 'Piccola Peste' Rosso Veronese Valpolicella 2018 (11.5%)